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About the flood simulations

The outputs from the Level 2 – Town flood investigations have been translated into flood simulations. These are provided to give an indication of potential flooding based on predictive flood heights at the local river gauge. Simulations identify potential areas of impact as a result of a potential flood event. It should be noted that simulations are conceptual floods based on flood investigations. Each flood event is likely to be different. Therefore these simulations should not be relied upon. If there is a flood warning for a town or a river system, members of the community should also listen to and act upon any direction given by local authorities.

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Flood Studies
Detailed flood studies are carried out by qualified engineers. They provide the greatest level of certainty, and utilise an approach based on detailed hydrologic and hydraulic modelling and analysis at a more local geographic level.

The Queensland Government has started the process to collate and collect flood studies across the State. It is likely that thousands of studies have in fact been completed. For those studies that have been provided to the State, Flood Check shows areas where flood studies have been completed and a brief overview of what the study involved. Not all flood studies will be available.